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There are many ways to look at the world.

Through the lens of a camera is a privileged one. It allows to frame, willingly, a subject or an event.

It is a way to expose that subject to other viewers who were not there or could not see it.

The photographer does not invent anything but interprets or exposes what is there and cannot be seen.

This is the photographer’s work of art.

In my photos I attempt to expose things, people, situations from a singular, original and possibly interesting point of view.

I look for uniqueness, differences, accidents. Elements that trigger a reaction, make the spectator interact more with the image and start a discussion on the subject.

oliviero godi

is an architect and designer, a photographer, a professor of architecture. He teaches photography to students of architecture, to home stager professionals and to classes of adults education, in Italy and abroad.

He has lived and worked in many countries around the world, from the USA to Japan and Spain, Israel, the UK and Italy.

His photos have been used for advertising by large corporate companies, for documenting estates to be sold or advertised, to decorate houses and offices, in exhibition stands, and by individuals who commissioned him during special events.

His original way of looking at things are what make him different from other photographers, creating always new and unexpected solutions to given requirements.

He now lives in Italy but still travels around the world for his profession.

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